About Us

  • Sunday Timing

  • Sunday School - 9:15AM

  • Worship - 10AM to 12PM

  • Bible Study - 12PM to 12:30PM


Melbourne Indian Brethren Assembly(MIBA) is a fellowship of Bible-believing Christians (commonly known as "brethren") gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and seeking to be a testimony of God's love and saving grace.
MIBA has started it’s service in 2008 August 10th.

What We Believe

Our Vision

It is not for men to craft a vision for the church, but rather to embrace the vision that God gives us in His Word. This vision is expressed in the Scriptures in the overarching goal of bringing glory to God through,

1) The glorious work of perfecting the saints within the church.
2) The demonstration of the work of God’s Spirit in His redeemed people as they take His Gospel to the world in word and life. In brief, the call is to glorify God through the edification of the saints and the discipling of the nations.